Successful students are active participants in their learning experience

We’re providing the tools for students to immediately take what they learn and use it in practice to build competency.

  • Students can:
  • Build awareness by watching and listening to the instructor
  • Gain understanding and skills by participating in the lesson
  • Develop mastery by practicing aligned questions

Unlock Untapped Growth

Track progress. Tech-embedded quizzes after each lesson.

Track Progress and Report on Repeat Mistakes

Immediate feedback helps students learn.

Activate and Facilitate Collaboration

It's a real world skill!

Mark Them Present

They are also more present as learning – not just a body in the room that is counted

Unlock Untapped Growth

For many students, the first attempt at learning a topic doesn't work. Make the second attempt different.

  • Use online manipulatives
  • Add deeper learning with thinking maps
  • Allow students to create

Track Progress and Report on Repeat Mistakes

The "we do" component to your lesson is where real learning takes place.

  • Students can get your immediate feedback on errors.
  • As they learn, they are building confidence.
  • Their mistakes will lead to lightbulb moments.

Activate and Facilitate Collaboration

Students can collaborate on the shared board as they complete activities.

  • Adults have to collaborate. Let's start them early.
  • Peer mentoring and conversation are researched methods for increasing growth.
  • Allow students to talk and move, not just listen and repeat.

Mark Them Present.

We all know how difficult it can be to engage students. Our software makes it easier.

  • Students can interact on almost every screen.
  • Watch them type, draw, drag, match, click, and smile.
  • The lessons feel like a simulation, game, or activity.

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