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Multiplayer games and activities in a digital library for Pre-K to 8.

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Powerful Features on Uplift K12

Features such as auto-checking, read aloud, and auto-grading optimize and enhance the teaching and learning experience in real time, whether working virtually or in-person.


Our toolbar allows you to write text, draw with a colored pencil, creates and move shapes, and erase.


Choose from over 500 resources of virtual manipulatives, guided practice, independent practice, and quizzes.


Combine your image or worksheet with an Uplift mini manipulative to customize the lesson. Any image you upload to our system will only be available temporarily and is not saved for copyright purposes.


Students receive immediate feedback on correct and incorrect answers, as well as access to graded assignments.


Teachers can award points, display fun animated rewards, and even give live feedback to students during the lesson.


Assign resources to students for independent practice.


Text on the screen can be read aloud for accessibility purposes. You can click the "reader" icon on the top right of each resource to access this feature.


Organize your students into classes for better reporting and assignment scheduling.


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Benefits for Schools, Tutors, and Students

Uplift K12 gets to the root of math anxiety and boosts students' confidence for improved learning outcomes.



Our individual educator plans and enterprise plan ensure that we can support your school, no matter the budget. The school plan includes Professional Development.

Differentiate Easily

Teachers have the ability to choose from the entire library of resources, not just from their own grade level.

Improve Learning Outcomes

Our resource creation is driven by the CRA / VRA pedagogy, which is well-known as an effective method for teaching math to students of all ability levels.

Teachers and Tutors

Keep Students Engaged

When teaching, the educator has the ability to monitor student engagement to mimic and in-person experience.

Make Group Lessons Efficient

Students don't have to take turns on Uplift K12. They can collaborate and work towards a common goal, while all movements are visible by the educator.

Save Planning Time

No need to create your own guided practice! There are over 500 resources available and most are built to be reused without redundancy.

We have Examples

If you are unsure of how to teach using one of our resources, we provide notes and videos, and our customer support can answer any questions you still have.


Teachers don't need to print and cut manipulatives or send anything home because we have digital manipulatives.

User Friendly

We listen to feedback very carefully and have built/improved Uplift K12 based on client wishlists and friction points.


Eliminates Math Anxiety

This is important to us. We believe that students, as well as adults, suffer from math anxiety. Our tool can help relieve that anxiety by providing multiple approaches to a single problem.

Builds Confidence

When student confidence is high, so are academic returns. We have built-in benefits for building student confidence, including fun animated rewards and immediate feedback.

Improve Depth and Breadth of Understanding

Students benefit from learning fluency and process skills at a deeper level, which opens up pathways to higher level content.

Teach and Collaborate
in Real Time

Students are able to interact with the teacher using their device.


Invite Students

1. Copy the board link and share it with your students.


Start Collaborating

2. Give access to students and start your lesson!